PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is providing a new home and some very special care for an endangered green sea turtle rescued last January during a cold spell in Florida.

Officials at the zoo say the turtle, named Peter Pan, was found near a boat ramp in Sanibel Island floating and cold-stunned. He is about 25 pounds and zoo officials estimate he is about 10-years-old.

After being rescued, Peter Pan was diagnosed as a “floater,” which zoo officials call a unique ailment that means he is “unable to dive and stay submerged very long.”

They say his buoyancy problem is located near his tail.

He lived for a time at the Clinic of Rehabilitation for Wildlife, moved to the Florida Aquarium and has now come to the Pittsburgh Zoo where he will get rehabilitative care as part of the zoo’s Sea Turtle Second Chance program.

At the zoo, he will undergo some diagnostic tests in hopes of figuring out what is causing his buoyancy problems.

In a press release, Josie Romasco, the aquarist at the zoo, said: “Our goal is to find the problem and correct it so Peter Pan can live a normal healthy life. It is a day-to-day process. Of course, there is a possibility that despite our best efforts, the problem will not be resolved and then we will make sure its needs are always met.”

Peter Pan will be kept in the large tanks near the entrance to PPG Aquarium.

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