PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The ban on children under 6-years-old at McDain’s Restaurant in Monroeville went into effect Saturday, and the owner says business is up.

Mike Vuick says Friday night was their best night ever, and Saturday night could be even better.

He says he’s gotten thousands of emails, 11 to 1 in favor of the ban, and adds that customers are coming in to show their support.

The ban has made national headlines. Vuick says he’s done 62 interviews so far and has even attracted attention from as far away as Australia.

Charlene Banish of North Braddock had never been to McDain’s before, but after hearing about the ban on the news, she wanted to check the place out.

Scott Lucas of Wilkins Township says, “It’s still America. A private business can do what they want.”

Tasha Spencer of Wilmerding, however, calls the ban “strange” and says, “We may not patronize that restaurant just because of it.”

Vuick says he started the policy because of customer complaints about loud children, and now hopes other restaurants will follow his lead.

McDains Restaurant
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