PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The summer blockbuster movie, “Captain America: the First Avenger,” opens in theaters this Friday; but one of the stars of the film told The Fan Morning Show today that it’s already getting a warm reception from fans.

In her major motion picture debut, Hayley Atwell plays Peggy Carter in “Captain America.”

“Captain America, it may sound kind of patriotic, but it’s essentially a universal story about a kid who just — he wants to do good,” Atwell explained, “so when he transforms into Captain America, he still retains that integrity — which is always very appealing to Peggy Carter, you know that kind of innate desire to save the day and not become arrogant.”

“The responses that I’m hearing kind of through the grapevine are that it’s exceeding the fans’ expectations,” Atwell told The Fan.

Atwell may have been born in London, but her father hails from Kansas City, Missouri, so she told The Fan Morning Show that she feels “half-American” and joked that she “was brought up really liking barbeque!”

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