GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A man who claims he lost $300,000 to a scam artist finds himself in trouble with the law.

Pennsylvania State Police say it all began in 2004 when the defendant, David Uncapher, says he believes he was swindled.

It ended in a parking lot with a deal to break the guy’s legs. It turns out the deal was made with an undercover state trooper.

Police say Uncapher was angered by what he thought as an injustice by Scott Womack who he says bilked him out of $300,000 with only empty promises of financial gain.

In 2004, Uncapher reported the financial issue to state police along with a number of others who believed they were scammed.

But by 2006, the investigation, which went all the way to the FBI, determined it wasn’t fraud – just bad business and investment practice.

This summer, Uncapher took matters into his own hands, according to state police. He met someone who turned out to be an informant and then an undercover cop in a parking lot in Delmont.

“We received information from a confidential informant that Mr. Uncapher was trying to solicit someone to break the legs and arms of an individual that had owed him money,” State Police Trooper Steve Limani said.

“We had made an arrangement to meet Mr. Uncapher in a parking lot at which time he had offered us around a thousand dollars – some of the money to be paid up front – to break the arms and legs of a certain individual – this individual that owed him money.”

Uncapher faces charges including criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy.

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