CALIFORNIA BOROUGH (KDKA) – A second man has been charged in connection with the death of an elderly woman in Washington County.

According to police, David J. McClelland, has been charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property and aiding consumption of a crime.

On Friday, McClelland’s father, 56-year-old David A. McClelland, was arrested on criminal homicide charges.

David A. McClelland was a neighbor of 92-year-old Evelyn Stepko. He spoke with KDKA-TV’s Harold Hayes about Stepko earlier this week before he was arrested.

“In the last few nights [there have] been some people running around, going through yards and stuff,” McClelland said. “It’s been seen because they called me last week – I think it was Wednesday or Thursday – from the bar and told me there was someone in Evelyn’s backyard and they were headed towards my house.”

Stepko was found stabbed to death in her home earlier this week. A neighbor called police after noticing she hadn’t been seen for a while.

Police said they found a latex glove inside the victim’s home at 1076 Pike Run Drive in Coal Center. They also found fingerprints on the glove which led them to their suspect, David A. McClelland.

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