CALIFORNIA BOROUGH (KDKA) — Police have made an arrest in the death of an elderly woman in Washington County.

David A. McClelland, 56, was a neighbor of 92-year-old Evelyn Stepko. He will be arraigned on criminal homicide charges.

Washington County District Attorney Steven Toprani says Stepko had been living in fear. She had a considerable amount of cash in her home and experienced a number of burglaries.

“We do know from talking to her neighbors she was fearful,” Toprani said. “She was fearful of our subject and that she was fearful of continued home burglaries, so much so she covered her windows and took steps to secure her home.”

Police believe the man who was cutting her lawn is responsible for her death. In an interview with KDKA-TV earlier this week, McClelland said he chased someone off the property. Now he is the one under arrest.

Police say they found a latex glove inside the victim’s home at 1076 Pike Run Drive in Coal Center. They also found fingerprints on the glove which led them to their suspect, David A. McClelland.

Police have also detained his son, David J. McClelland, who was actually a police officer in Washington Township. He has been charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property and aiding consumption of a crime.

David J. McClelland (Photo Credit: Pennsylvania State Police)

Police are executing a search warrant. They say they have found knives. Stepko was stabbed to death.

The victim’s family was present for the press conference at the State Police Barracks in Belle Vernon because they wanted to hear the latest information about the case.

“Why did you do it?” Dolores Sprowls, Stepko’s niece, said. “She would have given you anything you wanted. Just ask her for it. She would have handed it to you. Didn’t need to kill her like that.”

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