BELLE VERNON (KDKA) — An entire neighborhood near Belle Vernon was flooded by the fast-moving waters.

About a dozen homes in the Pricedale neighborhood were severely damaged.

“It just [came] so fast,” April Cooper, a flood victim, said. “We weren’t expecting this. They put that bridge in down there and widened it and they said it would never happen again and here we are.”

Several children along Broad Avenue Extension had to be rescued by boat when the creek spilled over its banks.

“They [ were] out here on the road standing and the boats [came] down, you know, loaded them on the boats and took them down to about the end of the road where the water stopped,” Dennis Fitzwater, the father of kids rescued during the flood, said.

The Salvation Army says many of the residents are still in shock.

“Tomorrow will be tougher I think – whenever the shock ends and the reality sets in,” Salvation Army Lt. Susan Thwaite said.

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