PITTSBURGH (SportsRadio 93-7 The FAN) — Former Steelers GM Tom Donahoe joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller to talk about what tough decisions are ahead for the Steelers in light of the end of the lockout.

Tom Donahoe said there is a sense of urgency in the coming days for everyone involved including teams, players and agents.  With training camp approaching, he says it will be a hectic time and the teams that are the most organized will be able to take advantage of this time in the NFL.

Donahoe talked about the tough decisions the Steelers need to make it terms of restructuring contracts as well as releasing and signing guys to stay under the new salary cap.  He said it is not easy to ask a player to take a pay cut and often times is better for both parties to release a player and resign someone new altogether.