PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Forty-First Street in Lawrenceville is apparently what Gotham City looks like.

The street will be shut down Friday for filming of the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”

John Wilson lives on 41st and says he had to move his flowers off the front of his house since there’s a winter scene.

The film’s star Christian Bale joked about the fake snow during a press conference Thursday.

Wilson says he’s being paid to take his dog Blossom away for a day because there’s concern her barking could disrupt the filming.

No one can park on the street until filming is over, which is an inconvenience for residents, but people seemed to be taking it in stride and are excited about maybe spotting a star.

Taxi cabs with “Gotham Cab” written on the side are parked on 41st, and large tractor trailer rigs carrying movie equipment have converged on a nearby parking lot.

Jodi Lindsey says it’s her neighbor who is allowing the movie crew to use her home. There’s a security guard outside.

Frank Noll says residents got letters in the mail informing them that there could fast-moving cars on the street. He hopes one of them is the Batmobile.

On Saturday, filming moves to Dithridge Street in Oakland where a loud pyrotechnic effect is anticipated. Possibly even gunfire. Both Pittsburgh Police and firefighters will be on standby.

In the coming weeks, filming will move to Downtown Pittsburgh, which will mean various street closures.

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