MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) — Police are warning residents about a string of recent identity thefts, which appear to be isolated to a specific neighborhood in Mount Lebanon.

A neighborhood targeted by identity thieves; not one or two, but Mount Lebanon Police say at least eight victims in recent weeks. All live within two neighboring streets on Old Hickory and Elm Spring Roads.

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“So far, the total charges have been somewhere in the area of seven to 10,000 already,” said Michael Sacks, an identity theft victim.

Sacks found out on July 23 that someone had his information.

“One person opened up an account and charged over $4,000 at a tractor supply place,” said Sacks.

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Sacks, like the others, is wondering how his information was stolen because as easy as it was to take, it’s been that much harder to resolve.

“It’s been extremely stressful for us,” said Sacks. “They literally go to the store, give them the information and charge thousands of dollars within 15, 20 minutes.”

Mount Lebanon Police are investigating every theory, including his mail being stolen, garbage diggers or internet hackers. All of this has been nothing short of frustrating for the victims.

“I’ve spent the last week, several hours a day, contacting every incident to make sure our credit is safe,” said Sacks.

Mount Lebanon Police are encouraging anyone in the area who may have been a recent victim of identity theft recently to give them a call. If you have been a victim, they also say to contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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