PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Filming is getting underway today in the Pittsburgh area for the new Batman movie, and crews working on “The Dark Knight Rises” were out bright and early this morning in Lawrenceville.

Large tractor trailer rigs carrying movie equipment have converged in a parking lot on 41st Street there. Workers were there this morning setting up and prepping for all of the action.

There were cameras, make-up and wardrobe crews and more.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham reported spotting actor Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon in the film, on the set.

Last night, taxi cabs with “Gotham Cab” written on the side were parked on 41st, and a security guard was posted outside of a home there.

One resident living on 41st says he was asked to move flowers off the front of his house since it’s a winter scene that’s being filmed and no one is being allowed to park on the street while filming is going on.

Residents also say they got letters in the mail informing them that there could fast-moving cars on the street.

“They sent us a letter that said there was going to be some fast cars pulling up, and hopefully we see the Batmobile come up here,” said Frank Noll, a resident.

In the coming weeks, filming will move to Oakland and Downtown Pittsburgh, which will mean other various street closures.

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Heather Abraham