By: Mary Robb Jackson

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – Police in Lawrence County are looking into the cruel deaths of two little kittens.

The incident happened near Wasilewski’s Market in the Sheep Hill area of New Castle.

“I was horrified. I can’t wrap my head around it at the moment,” Dottie Plants said.

She began feeding the mother of the kittens last fall. It was a stray cat that she named Blackie.

“She gave birth on the 5th of May. Four beautiful kittens,” Plants said.

Last Friday, a pair of kittens from that litter, a calico named Tiffany and her brother, Simon, disappeared.

“Saturday morning comes, I had a real bad feeling because they still weren’t around,” Plants said.

In a nearby alley, Plants’ sister found the horribly burned bodies of the two kittens.

An empty bottle of lighter fluid was found next to them.

“That’s sick that somebody could do something like that,” next-door neighbor Kelly Zarilla said. “It’s a fear. If they’re going to take things to that extent, what are they going to do when there’s kids outside?”

“They have a very black heart. Very low self-esteem,” Dottie said about whoever killed the kittens.

For now, she has one priority.

“I’m looking for good homes. I would love to keep them, but I already have three cats.”

If you have any information about this animal cruelty case, contact New Castle police.

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