By: Trina Orlando

INDIANA (KDKA) – A series of frantic calls to a local 911 center turned out to be no emergency at all.

A woman called the Indiana County 911 Center saying she was in labor and needed help. Then, the line went dead.

The frantic call to the 911 center was made late Monday night. Now, Pennsylvania State Police in Indiana are trying to find out who placed the call and why.

Dispatchers at the Indiana County 911 Center treated the call just like any other.

Emergency responders were dispatched to the Indiana Mall, where the woman said she was sitting in a Chevrolet Tahoe near the movie theater.

When ambulances arrived, the woman was nowhere to be found.

Police, firefighters and Good Samaritans from all over the county spent hours looking for the woman in distress.

Police now believe it was all a hoax.

Emergency crews were initially tipped off that it may have been a hoax because the woman called an administrative line rather than 911.

Authorities grew more suspicious when they heard a train in the background of the woman’s call, only to learn that no trains were in the county at the time.

Still, the 911 coordinator said he’s proud of how his county responded.

A similar incident was also reported on Monday in Butler County.

State Police are now trying to determine if the incidents are connected. They are also in the process of obtaining phone records to see where the calls originated.

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