PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Concerts, filming of the new ‘Batman’ movie at Heinz Field, Pirates’ games and fireworks, it’s all this weekend in Pittsburgh.

It may be difficult to believe that all of those things could be happening at the same time, but they are. There’s something for nearly everyone, and traffic headaches for the rest.

In this town there is only one thing right now that can get the best of ‘Batman,’ Saturday night is SkyBlast night over at PNC Park with a post-game concert by the musical group, Train.

“Our seventh Saturday in a row that we’ve sold out and our plan is to sell out every Saturday for the rest of the season,” said Lou DePaoli, of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The PNC Park spectacle would be enough to fill the North Shore parking lots alone, but add in a concert at Stage AE and “Dark Knight” fans packing Heinz Field to shoot a football game scene, and you’ve got a whole lot of folks in a very small area.

“It would be a good idea to plan ahead where you are going to park,” said Ralph Reetz, ALCO general manager.

As for all those Batman extras, check your confirmation email for where to park on Saturday morning. Then, catch the shuttle to Heinz Field.

If you’re not a confirmed extra, don’t even bother making the trip.

“Unless you’re on that list and have that piece of paper, you’re not going to see anything,” said Dawn Keezer, of the Pittsburgh Film Office.

Wiz Kalifa’s Station Square concert should challenge Clipper Fleet Pirates fans for South Side parking, sending even more people to the North Shore where they will vie with Stage AE concert-goers for spots.

“There are a lot of surface lots around and if you’re willing to just travel a little further, we have the cops directing people to some of the lots like Allegheny Center to try to avert some of the congestion,” said DePaoli.

But as everyone involved seems to agree, all of this is a good problem to have.

“It’s been a great summer. We’ve been busy; we’ve had great crowds,” Reetz added.

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