ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A smoke shop in Robinson Township was held up by an armed robber Sunday afternoon.

The masked man with a gun barged into the shop and demanded money.

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This is the second time is just past few months that the Smoker Friendly store has been held up.

On Sunday, the robber got away with a couple of cigarette cartons and some cash.

“She just told me that she was just robbed at gunpoint,” Manager Tami Schuck said.

An employee called Schuck saying a black male wearing a ski mask and carrying a handgun had just robbed the store.

The incident was most likely captured on surveillance video and police have a good idea which direction the suspect fled.

Schuck: The employee is upset. I’m angry. I’m angry, that’s my emotion.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland: Angry because it’s happened again or just angry that someone just feels like they can come in and take something that doesn’t belong to them?

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Schuck: Both.

Police haven’t ruled out the possibility that someone on the inside may be connected to the robberies.

One of the stark differences is the suspect brandished a knife during the first robbery back in May.

“Someone feels that they just come in with a gun and walk out with the store’s money and take their good old time doing it. So, I’m angry at a lot of things right now,” Schuck said.

It us unknown how much cash was stolen during Sunday’s robbery.

Police will be reviewing the surveillance video from both incidents on Monday.


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