PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Before you know it students will be heading back to school, but every bus in Pennsylvania has to be inspected before it can hit the road.

It is the time of year for back to school shopping, but it’s also the time of year when Pennsylvania State Troopers are busy with a back to school activity themselves.

“Every school bus in the state of Pennsylvania is required during the months of June, July and August to be inspected by Pennsylvania state troopers and pass our inspection procedure,” said Trooper Brian Davies, of the State Police.

In Allegheny County just this year, troopers inspected some 1,687 school buses, finding 445 violations. Six buses failed, three were re-inspected.

It was Trooper Davies who was under, in and around one of the buses today looking for violations. Everything has to be scrutinized.

“It assures the safety of the children on the buses,” said Trooper Davies.

Of the nearly 60 items the troopers have to inspect on each and every school bus in the state of Pennsylvania, they say they find the most violations with light bulbs.

“You would not believe that you can check something 30 feet away, pull it forward and they don’t work,” said Aaron Silverman, of W.L. Roenigk Transportation. “That’s the most frustrating thing.”

Some of the bigger violations troopers find include cracked frames, suspension part difficulties and even rusted out floors, but those problems take longer to fix.

“Mechanics are given the opportunity to make those repairs while we’re they’re at the garages, and if the repairs are made successfully, then we do issue the Pennsylvania State Police inspection sticker,” Trooper Davies said.

Troopers do spot inspections throughout the year to make sure the buses stay safe.

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