PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There were lights, cameras and a whole lot of action in downtown Pittsburgh as filming continued for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Some of the downtown work crowd walked around as if it were a normal day, but nothing has been normal this week.

We had a snowstorm, odd-shaped vehicles driving down city streets and the Gotham City Police set up barricades.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Alyssa Jessloski, of South Fayette, said.

The filming for the movie has created quite a traffic jam for commuters.

“It was pretty tricky, but if you know your way around Pittsburgh, it’s easy to make it through,” Amy Jessloski added.

But for some people, the payoff is worth it.

“The most fun part is … facebooking a photo to friends who live in other cities,” Heather Starr-Fielder, of Indiana Township, said. She teaches at Point Park University.

She brought her son down to watch all the action. But he was wearing a Spiderman costume.

“He’s checking out his competition,” Starr-Fielder said.

“Matthew woke up this morning with his Batman shirt on and they were hoping to see the Batmobile, so we decided we would try,” Sara Henry, of Sewickley, said.

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