PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The “Dark Knight” has left downtown and headed south.

Not too far south, though, just to the South Side; but “Batman” isn’t finished with downtown just yet, and that means more detours and delays for drivers.

“The Dark Knight Rises” moved to a new location Wednesday, Bingham Street and McKean Street on the South Side.

What little action there was took place at the Frank and Bryan Cement Plant; of course, the new name in Gotham City is the Broucet Cement Company.

The scene included cars with Gotham City license plates moving in and around the plant.

Of course, with this going on, a section of both streets was closed to traffic.

According to the Port Authority, certain streets in downtown Pittsburgh will once again be closed to traffic, so expect detours and delays even if you are riding a bus.

“On Thursday, we will see some closures on 4th and Forbes, so some of the South Hills routes will be affected, like the 61 and 70 series buses,” said Pharo.

Meanwhile, remember that six foot deep hole that was dug on Cherry Way downtown. It measures 16 by 18 feet and Pittsburghers can expect a lot of noise there.

The next real excitement is scheduled to happen on Cherry Way tonight. There is supposed to be explosions and gunfire. Businesses have been told to shut off fire alarms so that all the action doesn’t set them off.

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