GREENSBURG (KDKA) — State police nabbed several suspected drug dealers, but they’re still looking for others.

Police issued 31 arrest warrants and made 21 arrests during a drug sweep in Westmoreland County.

Police say the offenders are low-to-mid level dealers who were either bringing in or taking out drugs.

The arrests happened after routine traffic stops.

“Basically we have our uniformed troopers that are out there on the roadways that have been trained to look for indications that someone is transporting drugs and there’s drug activity,” State Trooper Steve Limani said.

“They use their training – use their training to make these vehicle stops. Once they make they make these vehicle s stops, they use their interviewing skills and techniques to try and identify whether this person is transporting narcotics,” he added.

State police are still looking for 10 people.

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