HAMPTON TONWSHIP (KDKA) — A busy street in Hampton Township saw a little more traffic than usual when the FBI, District Attorney’s Office and local police raided a home on Sample Road.

“I saw the police and got a little nervous because I saw [them] with the guns and I think one had a vest on which made me a little nervous because nothing like that ever happens around here,” Lynn Gallagher, a neighbor, said.

The house is owned by Robert and Holly Seng.

The DA’s office won’t say what led to the search warrant, only saying it had been sealed for 60 days and they can’t talk about it.

Hampton Police told KDKA’s Brenda Waters drugs and paraphernalia were found in the house which was separate from the DA’s warrant.

“During the execution of the warrant, they did locate some … drug items and drug paraphernalia that at this time will be investigated by our detective division and they are carrying that out,” Hampton Township Police Officer Dave Mitchell said.

Meantime, Gallagher has a lot of questions about what went on at her neighbor’s house.

“We say, ‘Hello, how are you?’” she said. “We don’t really converse, don’t have a relationship with them, but I’ve never seen anything suspicious going on.”

No one was charged, arrested or taken to jail today.

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