ARNOLD (KDKA) – Two workers were injured when a building in Westmoreland County collapsed.

“I guess it’s what the good Lord had planned today – I don’t know,” Michael Brown said. “It’s bad luck, I guess.”

At about 2 p.m., six men working for subcontractor Brown Construction had the roof trusses braced, but not anchored on the warehouse they’re building on Third Avenue in Arnold.

They were also prepping plywood to top off Tuesday.

“Everything just cut loose at once,” Brown said. “The trusses started to roll.”

As one wall buckled, Brown and two others were knocked from the top of the frame.

“Two guys fell off and I looked over and I was going too,” he said.

Two of the men fell 20-feet and were taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

One of the men suffered a broken wrist, foot and a possible head injury. The second worker appeared to have a hip fracture.

Brown’s leg got caught in the plywood and broke his fall.

“I was just hanging there upside down, screaming for my dad to come help me down,” he said.

Firefighters lowered the buckled wall and stabilized the others.


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