DUNBAR (KDKA) — A Fayette County home sustained some serious damage when a stolen pick-up truck slammed into it overnight.

Pictures show just how much damage there is, and now police are searching for the driver who left after the accident.

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Vicki Miller was sitting on her couch when a truck smashed into her home on Woodvale Street in Dunbar around midnight. The force of the crash knocked the home off of its foundation.

“I go to get up and as I was walking, I jumped back. It just… like an explosion, just came in the house, like a bomb,” said Miller. “I couldn’t move. I just could not move.”

The driver took off. State police say the vehicle was stolen not far from where the accident happened. A neighbor who lives across the street snapped pictures after the crash. She says she didn’t see which way the driver ran.

“She was screaming. I thought it was her in the car, but she was in the house,” the neighbor who did not want to be identified said. “I have no idea where the guy went.”

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“I actually thought it was the end of my life,” said Miller. “Not going to get to say goodbye to anyone.”

(Photo Credit: Heather Abraham/KDKA)

Miller and her boyfriend were not hurt in the accident, and they’re now staying at the nearby Holiday Inn until they find somewhere to live. Police have told her very little, but they are looking for the person responsible.

“I said do you know anything, and they said they found blood and they took a sample and whenever they find out anything they’ll let me know,” she said.

Miller said she also lost her pet cat when the accident happened.

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