PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are new details on the search for a man whose parents were found shot to death in their West Deer Township home on Thursday.

Police released surveillance images Friday afternoon showing the man at a local convenience store overnight.

As police continue their search for 52-year-old James Yeckel Jr., they have released four new photos showing him at different establishments in the Harmar Township area including a couple of convenience stores near the intersection of Route 910 and Freeport Road.

The photos were taken sometime after Yeckel’s parents were found shot to death Thursday afternoon in their home on West Starz Road.

Two of the photos show Yeckel dressed in a light-colored, nylon parka with a hood and dark panels on the side. He was also wearing dark pants and a green, plaid driver’s cap.

Officials say he’s been wearing the same outer garments for at least a couple of days.

People who knew the Yeckel couple, including someone who used to deliver pizzas to their home, continue to express disbelief about the double slayings.

“They were just always real nice, happy people, good tippers,” said Jason Barto, a neighbor. “I couldn’t see anyone having a bad thing to say about them. It’s a real shame.”

Investigators say they know Yeckel is not moving about in a car. They believe he may be walking or perhaps is on a bike or using a bus to get around.

Police say Yeckel is not considered a suspect; however, they would like to talk to him.

County detectives say if someone sees Yeckel, he should not be approached, but rather you should call Allegheny County 911.

Allegheny County Police Department
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