WEST DEER (KDKA) – A couple in West Deer was found shot to death Thursday afternoon and police want to speak with their son.

According to police, 52-year-old James Yeckel Jr. is not a suspect, but is a person of interest at this point.

His parents, James and Carol Yeckel, were found dead and police are searching for answers about what happened.

On a very quiet Friday morning, the only evidence of the murders was crime scene tape strung across the Yeckel’s front yard.

Police were called to the West Deer home Thursday afternoon after neighbors made the disturbing discovery.

Police have said the couple’s son is a person of interest and they have been unable to locate him.

Police dogs picked up Yeckel’s scent around the home during the investigation.

“We’re asking for the public’s help in locating him. We understand he has some mental health issues and is prone to walk and to walk great distances,” Allegheny County Lt. Andrew Shurman said. “We expanded our search to the tri-state area.”

While the search has been expanded, police believe he could still be in the area and multiple sightings have been reported.

According to Allegheny County Police, Yeckel was last spotted at a convenience store near the intersection of Route 910 and Freeport Road in Harmar Township around 4 a.m.

Investigators say he was dressed in a light-colored nylon parka with a hood and dark panels on the sides, dark pants and green, plaid driver’s cap.

Police also said Yeckel has a history of mental health problems.

Several guns were pulled out of the home Thursday and one of them may have been the murder weapon.

Anyone with information on Yeckel’s whereabouts is being asked to call the Allegheny County Police Department at 412-473-1300.

A neighbor described the Yeckels as quiet and giving people.

A neighbor tried to bring a zucchini cake over to the couple on Thursday.

After seeing both cars in the driveway and getting no answer at the door, he allegedly barged into the house with another neighbor and found the couple shot to death.

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