PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — It’s always thrilling to see the Steelers play at Heinz Field, but the season home opener always kicks it up a notch.

KDKA AM’s Larry Richert finds out about what to expect this Sunday and all year at Heinz Field with Steelers Marketing Coordinator Rick Giugliano and Randy Cosgrove, the voice of Heinz Field.

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Word to the wise– get there early!

Rick Giugliano:

Giugliano talked more about a new promotion they’ll be having at the stadium this season.

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“The game starts at one o’clock but we like to say here that game day does not start at kick off. We open the gates at 11 o’clock and you can count on that each and every game. We’re going to open up two hours before kick off, and it’s a new program that we’re starting this year with our friends at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,” said Giugliano. “It’s call 1st-In-Goal with an emphasis on ‘first in.’ And the 25,000 first in fans at any one of the gates, suites, club entrances will receive a scratch card compliments of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and they can win any number of prizes.”

Randy Cosgrove:

Meanwhile, Cosgrove offered some insight into his own game day preparations.

“Game day prep – we’ve got to be there four hours before kick off,” he said. “We have a meeting with all the game day staff. Anybody involved in game day operations has to be there. I do a lot of prep work prior to that. I get the roster and usually look at it Friday night, Saturday for pronunciations. Try to remember numbers so that as much as possible I don’t have to look at the flip card that has the rosters on it. I know on the top of my head.”

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