PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The man accused of lunging from his wheelchair and trying to rob a man at a downtown bus station was in court today.

However, the hearing for 21-year-old Jarell Brown was postponed to a later date.

Now though, the alleged victim is telling his story.

“He tried to act like he was my friend. He just wanted to borrow the CD player and I said no,” said Charles Patterson, the alleged victim. “He didn’t try to do anything then. He was like just sitting there, and then when his friends walked down a little bit, that’s when he reached out and grabbed my arm.”

The scuffle happened in the 1000-block of Liberty Avenue. Patterson says a man with one leg who was in a wheelchair attacked him.

“I didn’t even expect it, you know,” said Patterson. “I was shocked and that’s why he got the upper hand when he jumped up like that and got out of the wheelchair, I was like huh? The guy with one leg got up as good as you and me, and just lunged at me.”

Last week, police arrested Brown. Patterson says it was Brown who knocked him to the ground and pulled his shirt over his face.

“We got into a scuffle down in the bushes there and he’s trying to put his arm around me, telling me to go to sleep, ‘Go to sleep sir,’ and I’m like this is ridiculous. Come on now,” said Patterson. “I’m trying to fight him, and I didn’t want to beat him up really bad.”

Patterson called for help from two people across the street. He says the alleged assailant got back in his wheelchair and rode off, and didn’t take a dime.

“All my stuff was laying on the ground and he didn’t take nothing,” Patterson added. “I got up, grabbed all my stuff and went like this and that’s when I noticed my head was cut open.”

Patterson needed seven stitches to close a gash on his forehead but otherwise was fine.

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