PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 15-year-old and an 18-year-old have been ordered to stand trial in connection with the robbery and fatal shooting of another teen at the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Penn Hills.

At a hearing today, a witness testified that it all started with an alleged drug deal.

The witness, who is 19-years-old and who the prosecution asked KDKA not to identify because of safety concerns, described himself as victim Dalyn Jones’ best friend.

Investigators say he was driving when Jones was to meet up with two people at a McDonald’s in Penn Hills for what turned out to be a proposed deal for a few ounces of marijuana.

But when the suspects got into the back seat of the car and said “throw it off,” meaning this was a hold-up, guns were flashed and shots fired, according to investigators.

Jones suffered wounds to the back, torso and limbs.

Police later arrested 15-year-old Akeem Willie and 18-year-old Darien Clark in connection with the incident. Willie turned himself in last month, and Clark was arrested on Sept. 2.

The witness escaped but discovered Jones’ body after the suspects fled.

The defense raised questions about the witness’s role and about the Facebook name of the victim, which was “Smith and Wesson.”

“It’s quite obvious that there is more to the story here and that some of the matters that the witness testified to are going to be proven to be false and that my client will be acquitted at a future date base on those false statements,” said Fred Rabner, Clark’s attorney.

“This young man was involved in some small-time marijuana selling, that’s a far cry from robbery and murder,” Mark Tranquilli, the prosecutor, said. “Understandably, he was no angel, ok; and I don’t care what his nickname was, he didn’t deserve to get shot and killed like a dog in his friend’s car, seven times.”

When the case does get to trial, the prosecution says they intend to show surveillance footage taken at the time of the shooting.

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