CLOVER HILL (KDKA) — Some people who live in Clover Hill, Washington County, are upset with one farmer’s method to keep the birds away.

Joe Sustrik has rented two propane cannons from the Department of Agriculture to frighten off crows. He says this is the first year crows have been a problem for him and they’ve destroyed $3,200 worth of his corn crop.

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But some of his neighbors say they haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since he installed the cannons, which fire 24 hours a day. Neighbors say they go off every five or 10 minutes, blasting them awake.

Emy Yocum-Ramsey says she wouldn’t mind it so much if he turned the cannons off at night.

Karen Schade, another neighbor, says she doesn’t see why they have to be on at night while birds are nesting.

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But Sustrik says keeping the cannons on all night helps keep deer away, as well.

He says he feels bad for the neighbors, but can’t see why they have a problem with it when he’s fine with it and he lives right next to the cannons. He also says the cannons definitely do their job in scaring off the crows.

Neighbors have been recording the noise and charting how often the cannons go off. They claim they go off every five or 10 minutes.

One neighbor family has contacted the Department of Agriculture and State Police to complain. They’re also checking with West Pike Run Township to see if the cannons violate any type of noise ordinance.

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