PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh City Councilman is renewing his call for a crackdown on the nightlife on the South Side following an overnight shooting at a crowded local club.

The incident happened just before closing time at Club Zen in Station Square around 1:30 a.m.

Authorities say a man was wounded twice in the stomach and once in the hand while a woman suffered a gunshot wound to the leg inside the nightclub. So far, investigators have not determined a motive.

“This one of course is especially disturbing,” said Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus. “It took place inside of a crowded nightclub with about 700 people actively attending.”

Councilman Kraus says he places much of the blame on nightclub management and its customers.

“No one is more in control of the crowd that they have or the customer they invite than the owner of that operation,” said Councilman Kraus. “So, first and foremost, I would have to argue you would have to examine the customers you’re inviting to the event.”

This is the third shooting at or near an establishment in the East Carson Street corridor in the past year.

Councilman Kraus thinks it’s time for the property owner in this case and the city overall to take action.

The councilman says he recently met with the Nuisance Bar Task Force about several other troubled nightspots and he hopes to add Club Zen to the list.

Recently, he told the property owners, Forest City, that a number of business owners are growing tired of the activities around certain Station Square properties. He also plans to keep the pressure on the mayor’s office.

“No one has been more front and center on that issue than I have, and I have banged the drum loud and long that this administration has got to take these problems seriously and begin addressing them,” he added.

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2 Injured In Station Square Shooting

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