SOUTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — She was brutally murdered 30 year ago and her killer has never been found.

But her friends and family members are determined that 15-year-old Christine Guenther not be forgotten and that her murderer not go free.

KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan recently spoke with a group of people who are going to extraordinary lengths to find justice.

Guenther was last seen 30 years ago at Donaldson’s Crossroads waiting for a bus.

Five days later, she was found bludgeoned to death in an overgrown grassy area in South Fayette Township.

Thirty years after mourners gathered to lay her to rest, her killer has still not be found. Now, those same friends and family members are determined that someone be caught, tried and convicted.

“For justice for Christine; we won’t ever forget her,” says Angela Fordyce, a high school friend.

A year ago, a group called the Friends of Christine Guenther launched a Facebook page seeking information to help investigators solve her murder.

The group, which is spread out throughout the country, will gather this weekend for a memorial mass and graveside service followed by the unveiling of a billboard – determined that that killer be captured.

“Because it didn’t seem right that someone could be murdered in your own backyard basically, and someone was not held accountable for that,” said Diane Postrech, another friend of the victim.

Using the new tools of social media and the Internet, the group believes that their unwillingness to forget will wear thin the reluctance of someone out there with information to break the case.

“Perhaps at the time they were scared, they felt threatened in some way and they didn’t want to come forward,” Postrech added, “but after 30 years they can unload their guilt and get the information to police and let them do their job.

That is the hope – that someone who has kept information to themselves will either by guilt or by a sense of responsibility finally come forward and help solve this tragedy.

Facebook: Justice for Christine Guenther
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