By Paul Martino

DOWNTOWN (KDKA) — The PNC Bank at Fifth Avenue and Market Street closed because of an Occupy Pittsburgh protest Wednesday afternoon.

Four to five members of the group apparently went inside the bank attempting to open PNC accounts.

Police say the protestors were wearing masks and it freaked out bank management.

The bank closed, the police were called and both sides talked it out.

Occupy Pittsburgh claims they’re not trying to draw attention to their cause at the bank, but the group streamed the entire event live on the Internet.

“We were nothing more than five citizens who wanted to open up accounts with PNC,” Jimmy “Blue Cloud” said. “We were respectful, we were polite, we told them what our names were, we showed them ID, the whole nine yards.”

Pittsburgh Police Commander George Trosky said they weren’t going to make any arrests.

“They weren’t doing anything illegal,” he said. “Actually, they did exactly what they said they were going to do. As soon as everybody’s explained the bank’s policy on opening up an account, they would get up and leave and that’s what they did.”

This is the second day in a row something like this happened downtown.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Occupy Pittsburgh

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