GREENVILLE (KDKA) — Nine people were injured, including two infants, in a multiple-vehicle accident Saturday in Mercer County.

According to the Greenville-West Salem Police Department, the five-vehicle crash happened at the intersection of South Mercer Street and Clinton Street.

Police say two vehicles were approaching a red light on South Mercer Street when a blue Dodge van hit into the back of both of them at the same time. The impact sent those two vehicles into two other vehicles already stopped at the light.

Investigators say several witnesses at the scene reported that “the blue van was traveling at a high rate of speed.”

Greenville police identify the driver of the van as Ronald Richards of Greenville.

Of the nine people taken to UPMC Greenville, police say six of them – including the infants – were treated and released, and three were transferred to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

Four others were not injured.

The investigation into the crash continues.

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