PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — While Steelers fans were thrilled with a win over the New England Patriots Sunday, some had their celebratory mood dampened when they found the unwelcome surprise of parking tickets after getting back to their vehicles.

For Steelers fans, the matchup between Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger is the stuff of legends. So, the atmosphere at Heinz Field was intense.

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But while fans were focused on a win over the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh police had a different focus – illegal parking in the vicinity of Heinz Field.

“People attending the Steelers game are parking here illegally; some were actually parked on the bridges, so we received a mayor’s complaint and then we’re acting on that and we’re issuing these citations,” said one officer who was handing out tickets Sunday afternoon.

After the game, fans found the pricey citations – for $95.50 – on their vehicles. But many took it in stride.

“A $95 ticket? That’s unreal; for Steeler parking? That’s unreal and it says no parking past that point,” said one fan. “But you know what, I’ll be a good citizen and I’ll pay my ticket just because the Steelers won.”

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“This is our first time in Heinz Field, I hate Tom Brady and it’s fabulous,” added another fan. “I got to see him go down, so it’s fabulous.”

City officials say the area has always been designated a no parking area, but it wasn’t clearly marked, so new signs were installed about two weeks ago.

But that didn’t soften the $95.50 blow for people who parked there then and now.

“I don’t have $95 just to be throwing away to the city,” said another fan who found a ticket on her car.

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