EAST WASHINGTON (KDKA) — Trick-or-Treat night for children was the same as always in East Washington, but for adults, there was something potentially scarier than frightening masks or images – the fact that their police chief is under FBI arrest accused of protecting drug dealers, selling police Tasers, arranging a drive-by shooting and more.

“I was shocked to be honest,” Angel Shaw said. “I had no idea that anything like that was happening in our borough here.”

“I’m very surprised,” Bob Poland said. “I know Don Solomon personally. I’ve been living here for a year now and me and him have a very good rapport and I’m completely blown away by that.”

Among the big concerns is what will happen without administrative leadership and with fewer police officers.

“Just about the safety of our community and what that meant to our citizens here in East Washington, it’s a small community,” Karen Stebbins said.

Remaining police officers patrolled the streets and handed out candy to children. Many say they still respect the officers they have.

“I’ve had a good experience out here in Washington and like I said, the police chief was very helpful to me on several occasions so I still respect him,” Venice Williams said.

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David Highfield