PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Many Catholics will soon notice changes in the Mass.

It is the first major reform since Vatican II, more than 40 years ago.

Vatican officials say it’s time to return to more accurate words and enhance the mystery of the celebration.

When the next church year begins this Advent at the end of November, millions of Catholics will say some different words of their Mass.

“It was precisely so that we could have the Mass become more prayerful, that it could be something to cause people to pause — not let it become so routine — and on the historical side, the translation of all the prayers would be much more accurate,” Bishop David Zubik of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh told KDKA’s Jon Delano.

Zubik says the changes, studied over the last 15 years and implemented by Pope Benedict, add mystery to the Mass and primarily affect the priests.

“If they’re paying attention to the prayers the priests say, that’s where the significant change will take place — not in the way Mass is celebrated — that will still be the case — but it’s a matter of noticing different words.”

Like saying chalice, instead of cup — and words like oblation, ineffably, consubstantial and even some changes in responses, like the classic — “The Lord be with you.”

Bishop: “And with your spirit.”

Delano: “Becomes the new response.”

Bishop: “But that actually goes back before the Vatican council, but in one sense it talks about the Holy Spirit with us.”

The bishop says it will take time to adjust but most Catholics will.

“I’m open to changes all the time. That’s part of our life anymore. As long as it’s a good change, I’m fine with it,” says Marilyn Leinert of Jefferson Hills after a noon Mass downtown.

Change is never easy — whether it is in your family, your work, or even at your church. Individual Catholics will soon have to judge for themselves whether this change was good for them and their church.

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