LABELLE (KDKA) — A full-blown investigation is underway into a so-called “fight club” inside SCI Fayette.

A corrections officer reached out to KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin claiming inmates have been seriously injured.

There are 2,000 inmates at the prison. According to a letter written by a veteran corrections officer and sent to the Department of Corrections, there is an organized “fight club octogone” (sic) inside the facility.

The letter states inmates had “missing teeth, swollen eyes, broken knuckles [and] broken hands.”

The letter goes on to say the, “COs were betting on the fights and allowing the winner to run a store.”

“We do not tolerate abuse in our prisons,” Susan Bensinger, a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections, said. “We are very quick to act.”

State prison officials say they have the letter and they are conducting a complete investigation that’s just getting started.

“Staff will be interviewed, inmates will be interviewed, video tape will be reviewed, I mean, it will run the whole gamut,” Bensinger said.

The corrections officer expresses concern in the letter. “If nothing is done, it will go on and somebody will get hurt or even killed.”

He also worries about his own safety. “I am in fear of my life.”

Investigators say corrections officers are not in danger. This letter is being addressed right now.

“Anytime there’s an allegation of abuse – which this would fall in that category – it concerns us,” Bensinger said. “All allegations are taken seriously.”

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