PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –The child sex abuse allegations that have shaken Penn State University have prompted some to call for the resignations of PSU President Graham Spanier and coach Joe Paterno.

In fact, the Harrisburg Patriot-News ran a full, front-page editorial today calling for both men to resign. The editorial read, in part: “It has become increasingly clear that while Penn State University President Graham Spanier has not been charged with breaking any laws, he did not do what is right for his school or, more importantly, for the alleged victims of coaching legend Jerry Sandusky.” The editorial addressed Paterno’s future as well, saying: “This must be his last season. His contract should not be extended.”

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According to the exclusive KDKA-TV News Poll conducted by Survey USA, more than half of Pennsylvanians following the case think Spanier should step down; but those surveyed are divided about Paterno’s fate.

According to the survey, 51% of those surveyed say Spanier should resign; but only 40% feel Paterno should resign as well.

KDKA-TV News Poll Conducted By Survey USA

Should Penn State President Graham Spanier Resign?

Margin of Error: +/-4.1%

  • 51% – Yes
  • 28% – No
  • 21% – Not Sure

Should Joe Paterno Resign?

Margin of Error: +/-4.1%

  • 40% – Yes
  • 45% – No
  • 15% – Not Sure

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The poll shows that Penn State alumni are even less forgiving of Spanier — calling for his resignation by a 2-to-1 margin; while the majority of alumni say Paterno should stay.

Some 65% of those surveyed responded that Penn State looked the other way and could have done more to protect children.

Which Statement Do You Most Agree With:

Margin of Error: +/-3.9%

  • 13% – Penn State did what it could to prevent crimes against children
  • 65% – Penn State looked the other way, and could have done more
  • 16% – Penn State actively enabled Jerry Sandusky to commit crimes against children
  • 6% – Not Sure

Click here for the complete poll results

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