UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A Fayette County couple is now headed to trial on charges they abused their infant twins.

Kristen Eicher, 19, and Earl Ritenour, 21, didn’t comment Thursday when asked about their twins’ recovery.

Eicher and Ritenour are charged with two counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of their children.

Back in August, then 7-week-old Caden was rushed to the hospital with a broken arm.

It was later determined that he also had several broken ribs.

Doctors then examined his twin sister Caylin and found that she also had broken ribs as well as a broken leg.

Police allege the injuries were inflicted inside of a home in Normalville, Fayette County.

Dr. Jennifer Wolford, who specializes in recognizing child abuse at Children’s Hospital testified that the injuries suffered by the children were not consistent with having been rolled over on a bed or falling while in the arms of a parent.

She said there was “no reasonable explanation for care that would cause broken ribs” and that “rib fractures are associated with excessive force and child abuse.”

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