PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Milk Truck is up and running and its creator has plans for the future.

The truck is a breast feeding support vehicle with a huge breast on the roof and a flashing red light.

Jill Miller, the truck’s creator, says the truck gets plenty of attention, and she says that’s the point because it sparks a discussion about breast feeding rights.

The initial idea of the truck was that if a nursing mom is made to feel uncomfortable at a restaurant or business, she could call The Milk Truck.

The truck would then swoop in to provide support and embarrass the business in the process.

Miller says so far, that scenario hasn’t happened, but she says they’re ready.

What they’ve done instead is set up the truck at events and businesses that have asked them to discuss breast feeding in public.

As for the future, Miller would like to help other groups across the United States build their own milk trucks.

She would also like to set up the truck at a Steelers tailgate party.

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