PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Jubilee Kitchen in the Hill District serves up hot meals to the homeless and people who are struggling just to make it 365 days a year.

“It helps out a lot of people who don’t have and stuff like that,” said Ed Horton, who was at the Jubilee Kitchen Thursday for a warm Thanksgiving meal. “Helps you get by.”

But Thanksgiving is special, but not just because of the turkey and the stuffing. It’s customary that volunteers serve as waiters and waitresses for those dining at the tables.

“They get a meal at the table like they’re at a restaurant,” said one volunteer. “They enjoy it a lot.”

So do the volunteers.

“You get to help out and it feels good,” added another volunteer.

Sr. Therese Frankowski says while Thanksgiving attracts a big crowd, the kitchen is busier these days as more and more people seem to be struggle to make ends meet.

“Oh yes, we are seeing more young people, young boyfriends and girlfriends, a lot more than we ever did,” said Sr. Therese.

Times may be getting tough but people still give thanks – both the people being served and the people who serve them.

Jubilee Soup Kitchen
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