PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It should be expected, given that it’s Dec. 1, but with warmer temperatures earlier this week, the cold and frost seemed to come out of nowhere.

As a result, icy roads caught some drivers off guard Thursday morning.

The Highland Park Bridge, turned into a demolition derby of sorts as several cars, including an O’Hara Township Police vehicle, managed to lose control on a thin sheet of ice.

“Just really unexpected how icy it is out here and everybody’s just sliding around. I bounced off both sides and by the time it took for me to realize what happened, two other cars were sliding in behind me,” Chris Ross said.

Ross’ SUV lost traction and narrowly missed hitting two other cars.

Traffic started to back up as tow trucks tried to clear multiple wrecked vehicles.

“This gentleman across the other way, he had bounced off the wall himself at the exact same time just as the traffic rush was hitting,” Ross said.

Several other areas had icy spots, including the McKees Rocks Bridge where there was also a reported accident.

Other accidents were reported on Route 19 in Cranberry Township, on the inbound Parkway North and at the intersection of Becks Run Road and Carson Street on the South Side.

PennDOT was getting a fresh delivery of salt this morning as they prepare for what is to come.

Spokesman Jim Struzzi said crews started salting trouble spots and isolated areas Thursday morning. However, he said there is one good rule to keep in mind as temperatures drop.

“When you wake up in the morning, and the car is covered in frost, you need to use your ice scraper to clean your windows, chances are there’s going to be ice and frost in other areas as well. So, you need to be cautious,” Struzzi said.

However, winter may be playing a little game of hide-and-seek as temperatures are expected to warm back up this weekend into the 50s.

Just keep in mind that it is coming and to be careful driving on the roads.


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