PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One man is in jail today after police say a crime spree ended with a stolen University of Pittsburgh van plowing through a convenience store in Oakland this morning.

According to the University of Pittsburgh Police, 29-year-old Derek Sharpe went on a 15-minute crime spree before crashing into the convenience store at Craft Avenue and the Boulevard of the Allies this morning.

“At approximately 8 o’clock this morning, we received a call from University of Pittsburgh hospital Presby to assist them on a disorderly individual,” said Chief Timothy Delaney, of the University of Pittsburgh police.

Police say Sharpe had been in the emergency room at UPMC Presbyterian before walking out. When he reached Thackeray Street, investigators say he tried to carjack a woman.

“She said, ‘I was in the service, and he wasn’t getting my car,’” said Chief Delaney.

At PNC Bank on Fifth Avenue, authorities say the suspect then tried to take a Pitt worker’s keys. But that too was unsuccessful and he kept moving on foot.

“We received a call that the van at the University of Pittsburgh was stolen on Roberto Clemente Drive, which is about two blocks away,” Chief Delaney said. “While we were looking for the stolen van, which is here now, the individual drove it through the building.”

oaklandcrash2 12911 Van Slams Into Convenience Store In Oakland

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Police say a Pitt worker was unloading the van when it was stolen. The keys were in the ignition.

“I think he was at the hospital,” Chief Delaney added. “I think he was trying to get home and he was looking for quick transportation.”

Authorities say Sharpe was trying to get back to New Kensington. He is now being held in the Allegheny County Jail. He was not injured.

As for why he drove through the building, police say Sharpe alleged left without paying for some food and when the clerk demanded money, he got mad and that’s when the crash happened.

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