PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Time is running out for Occupy Pittsburgh.

BNY Mellon has issued an ultimatum, threatening to go to court if tents are not removed from BNY Mellon Green by noon Sunday.

However, protesters appeared undaunted on Saturday as they took to the streets to continue to voice their message.

They called it a march for “Human Rights, Not Corporate Rights.” Members of Occupy Pittsburgh joined union members and other community groups in a protest for jobs, health care and education on Saturday afternoon.

They first rallied at the Kingsley Center in Larimer, and then marched to the new Bakery Square development on Penn Avenue.

“In 1948, the U.N. signed a declaration of human rights, and that provided for all people, the right to free and quality education, health care and a good job that you can raise a family on,” said Jeff Cech, of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement.

After the march, Occupy Pittsburgh members returned to the BNY Mellon Green where they are facing a new challenge.

BNY Mellon, in a letter, told the group it’s concerned about safety conditions after hearing reports of hypothermia and the use of propane heaters.

BNY Mellon is now requiring the group to remove all tents and leave the property no later than noon on Sunday.

But Occupy Pittsburgh apparently has no plans to leave the park.

“We believe we’re well within our rights to be on that land,” Cech added. “We’re protected by both our state and federal constitution’s right to peaceably assemble and petition our government. So, we don’t see Occupy Pittsburgh going anywhere anytime soon.”

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