UPPER BURRELL (KDKA) – Police are investigating after someone fired a bullet into a child’s bedroom in Westmoreland County.

The boy’s grandfather said most hunters are safe and responsible, but it only takes one disregarding safety rules to cause a tragedy.

Tragedy was averted at an Upper Burrell home but only by good fortune as the child and his mother were not home at the time of the incident.

The shot they fired went through the outside of the home and through the wall just above a four-year-old boy’s bed.

“She turned the light on, looked around the room, saw insulation and dry wall powder. Then looked over in the corner and saw the dry wall was shot through,” the boy’s grandfather, Ken Horcicak said.

The bullet came to rest on the floor by the child’s bed.

The boy’s mother and grandfather want to send a message a message to hunters to be more careful.

Horcicak is not happy with the person who fired the bullet.

“For the bullet to come from that direction and hit right here, [they] had to have known the house was here,” Horcicak said.

Upper Burrell Police are investigating, but said it is a tough process to track down an individual hunter.

If they do find the person they could be charged with endangering the welfare of another person.


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