PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State Nittany Lions defensive coordinator, was reportedly passed over for a volunteer coaching job at another local college after failing a background check.

However, despite what the background check showed, Sandusky reportedly still spent a lot of time around the organization.

According to WHP-TV in Harrisburg, Sandusky applied for a non-paying, volunteer coaching job for Juniata College’s football team.

The small, Central Pennsylvania school declined the application after learning Sandusky was under investigation for inappropriate conduct with a student at a Central Pa. high school.

That should have been the end of Sandusky’s contact with the school and their football program.

But one Juniata football player, who asked that his identity be hidden, along with others say well after he was told no by the school, Sandusky was a regular around the football program.

Now, players say the school had to have known.

“How do you not know he’s here? He’s in the press box, it’s not like the press box is some like closed off area that no one can see,” said one player. “Like, if you just turn your head and look up, you see all the coaches in the press box.”

Former football coach Carmen Felus was told to tell Sandusky to stay away, but some Juniata players say the coach and the school share equal blame.

“To keep him here for as long as he did, even though we didn’t win any games, you definitely put the players’ safety in jeopardy,” the unidentified player said.

“I think it’s their job as Juniata administration to come down and make sure that he wasn’t there,” said another player.

According to Juniata College, they only learned of Sandusky’s involvement in the program in the spring of 2011.

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