PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A muddy mess was left behind when a large water main broke in Banksville, sending water downhill and into a local union building and closing a busy road ahead of the morning rush.

The Boilermakers Union felt the full impact of the break, leaving their parking lot a mud pit and water and debris inside their building.

Water burst from the 18-inch water main off of Crane Avenue around 3 a.m., shooting mud and debris down the hillside and finally coming to a stop right at the Boilermakers Union’s door.

Backhoes were brought in to try and scoop out the mud coating the parking lot on Banksville Road.

But water also broke through inside, pouring into the Boilermakers’ archive room where they keep irreplaceable things.

Officials say in some spots inside the building the water got to about three feet high.

The amount of water was significant as well as the pressure coming from the broken feeder main, which flooded busy Banksville Road.

Crews were able to reopen Banksville by 5:15 a.m. before the onset of the morning rush. However, there are new concerns now about the stability of the hillside and Crane Avenue.

“With that line breaking on that hillside and being as steep as that hillside is, you’re definitely going to have to watch that and probably going to have to – somewhere down the line – they’re going have to shore that hillside up,” said Bernie Duffy, of the Boilermakers.

It’s going to take some time to access how costly the damages are. Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck as everyone starts to clean up and make repairs.

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