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The Shadow Lounge and its adjacent AVA Lounge are the East Side of Pittsburgh’s premier lounge and concert venue. The Lounge, as it is affectionately known, has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. Nowadays, Shadow and AVA Lounge are well known for great drinks and its newly revised small plate menu. Every day of the week one could find a reason to go to Shadow or AVA as they have daily events scheduled throughout the year. Both The Shadow and AVA Lounges are open and kicking during the holiday season including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Tim Guthrie, an owner at the Shadow Lounge took a few minutes from his busy day to chat with me about the lounge at holiday time. Do you guys serve any specialty holiday cocktails?
Tim Guthrie: Yeah, we add hot cocktails that feature ciders and coffees to the menu during the holidays. Our every day specials include:

  • MONDAYS: $4 Margaritas
  • TUESDAYS: $4 Mojitos
  • WEDNESDAYS: $4 Dark ‘N Stormys
  • THURSDAYS: $4 Panty Droppers
  • FRIDAYS: $4 Caipirinhas
  • SATURDAYS: 5 Maple Fizzes
  • Which beer on your menu is most popular during the winter holiday season?
    Tim: Tröegs Mad Elf Ale, which has a smooth combination of cherries, honey, and chocolate malts, has become the favorite. What is your favorite cocktail on the menu?
    Tim: I really like the Strawberry Basil Lemonade Martini with absolute lemon citron, basil, strawberry preserve and simple syrup. What’s the best part of being an owner of Shadow and Ava Lounge?
    Tim: Getting to meet some of the musical legends I grew up listening too and seeing bands or musicians in their early years grow and blow up. What’s your favorite genre of music to play/listen to?
    Tim: Right now I would have to say classic Brazilian music from the 70’s. Have you ever had to “cut someone off” because they were having a little too much holiday cheer?
    Tim: It’s inevitable that that may happen, most important thing when that happens is to make sure the person doesn’t leave right away and drives drunk. We’ll offer them some water and sit them down for a little.

    Be sure to drop in and have one of those warm soothing holiday cocktails, or try Tim’s favorite martini! For a complete schedule of The Shadow Lounge and AVA Lounge upcoming and daily events, check out their website. Here is a short list of daily happenings:

  • Mondays: Interval Live Jazz and Jam session
  • Wednesdays: Fiesta Wednesdays
  • Thursdays: Champion Sound Reggae Night
  • Fridays: Ready or Not Fridays w/DJ Vex
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