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Hey, Larry the Cable Guy here. This go around, I want to talk to you about another important factor in your tailgate: team colors. When it comes to those two or three colors that represent your team…the more you use them, the better.
Nothing beats being the envy of all others on game day. Here are a few tips to earn you those coveted bragging rights…which are almost as rewarding as your team winning the game itself!

  • Team colors never go out of season. The more festive your tailgating site, the better.
  • Bonus points for having someone in your crew dress up as the team mascot…but I would advise you not to bring an actual version of your mascots to the party.
  • Anything inflatable always draws attention to a party. Balloons, giant inflatable football players, moon bounces…they all scream “You WISH you were at my tailgate.”
  • They’ve got EVERYTHING in team colors nowadays. Cups, plates, napkins, tables…bring it all. Each utensil will leave your tailgate crew more and more amazed with every bite!
  • Have you seen those branders that put your team’s logos on your steaks and burgers? Now THAT is some serious dedication. It’s great to feel like you’re supporting your team with every bite.

Now in order to make sure I’m ready to go on game day I have my secret tailgating strategy: Prilosec OTC. As a frequent heartburn sufferer, if I take Prilosec OTC once a day in the morning, I can rest assure that I’ll be heartburn-free for 24 hours*. That gives me plenty of time to show off my stand-out tailgate and enjoy the beauty that is football.

Is your tailgate already the talk of the parking lot? Prove it! I have full intentions on spreading this bit of wisdom and more as I visit football stadiums across the country with Prilosec OTC to search for the best of the best in “A Better Way to Tailgate” challenge. Enter HERE to win in one of three categories: 1). Food Served, 2). Tailgate Set-Up and 3). Team Spirit. All entries must include a tailgate photo. Note the “Food Served” category also requires a recipe submission. In addition to game day tickets, other prizes include the ultimate tailgate gear. To view the official contest rules, click here http://www.tailgatechallenge.com. So enter now, and I’ll check out how great your pigskin party really is! Show us what you’ve got!

*It’s possible while taking Prilosec OTC. Use as directed for 14 days to treat frequent heartburn. Do not take for more than 14 days or more often than every 4 months unless directed by a doctor. Not for immediate relief. This Tailgate Tip has been provided by Prilosec OTC.

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