PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A search warrant is providing more details about a deadly police shooting in Washington County.

According to the paperwork, the alleged gunman, Eli Myers, who was later killed by police during a standoff outside his home in Webster, told his girlfriend he was in trouble because he just shot couple of cops.

Chris DiPerna, a neighbor, recorded cell phone video as police surrounded Myers’ home Monday morning, urging him to surrender.

“Myers remained in the home for several hours and periodically fired shots at the responding police,” Washington County District Attorney Steve Toprani said. “At approximately 9:40 [a.m.], Myers attempted to exit the home while armed. State police used lethal force.”

“It’s very sad for everyone involved, including his family,” DiPerna said.

Myers, 58, was wanted for the shooting of two East Washington police officers along Interstate 70 Sunday night.

Officer John Dryer was killed after being shot in the head and groin. Officer Robert Caldwell is recovering at Allegheny General Hospital. He was shot in the hand.

“These events – and you’ve reported on them a lot lately – continue to underscore the very grave and real risk of harm our police officers face every day in the line of duty,” Toprani said. “When we lose true public servants like police officers in the line, in the protection of our communities, the loss is too great to bear.”

Neighbors tell KDKA that Eli Myers is the uncle of Gerald Szakel, the Webster man convicted of killing a retired Carroll Township police chief and his wife back in 2008.


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