PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A mother and her three children who died in a house fire in Homewood last week are being laid to rest today.

Baptist Temple Church on Race Street in Homewood could barely hold the emotion, the people, or the sorrow under one roof for 23-year-old Indera Coulverson and her children, My’zhirick and Ky’yrick McCullough, ages 7 and 6, and 3-year-old Ni’miya Crawford.

All four were killed when their Nolan Court home went up in a ball of flames last week.

“You have five generations of family members who are here who are emotionally distraught. It is an emotional time,” says State Rep. Joe Preston, D-Homewood, “especially when you look and see the venue, unfortunately, the caskets, and the emotion of people leaving and children, grandmothers, relatives and crying over the loss – especially when you see the pictures.”

The church was filled with so many different ages and the words of comfort in the eulogy came from the familiar passage of the 23rd Psalm. The message for a grieving family – you are not alone.

“He was saying sometimes you can’t get over things, but you can go through it and it’s only because of God,” Sandra Talley said.

From the tragic fire last week to an emotional service Friday, the one thing that came through loud and clear is this community has wrapped its arms around a family in mourning.

“It was awesome. [There were] so many people there … the love that was there,” Talley said.

The full details on the cause of the fire haven’t been released and at this point nothing will bring Indera Coulverson’s family back together again, leaving a community to hold tighter to what’s left – each other.

“I think the walk away here is to try to be closer, more open with people, to try to create a safe environment and to be able to keep families together,” Preston said.

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